Vintage Trailers

I have been collecting Vintage Trailers and am restoring five trailers to provide resident housing.

The trailers will be placed in a circle connected with a deck. Influenced by pioneer times when wagons where parked in a circle, this configuration provides security and a community space.

On the deck there will be an outside kitchen and picnic tables. Residency sessions will house up to six people at a time.

Setting up the Trailers

Renovations & Customizations

Holidays in the Trailer

New Vintage Trailer Added to the Sanctuary

Purchased a new and last camping trailer for the Little Knife Sanctuary.I already started with the restoration project. Put for now insulation into the windows , it's easier to heat on the frosty days. I am excited for this the winter project.Before the frost is into the ground I am doing some landscaping at daylight and after dark working inside.It will be a fun project.

Frank Sander
6286 Copperline Road
Duluth, MN 55804