Walking the Warrior Road

WALKING THE WARRIOR ROAD from Frank Sander on Vimeo.

I was visiting the Action and Learning Sugarbush Camp at the Fond Du Lac Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota. I saw a woman with an eagle staff walking back and forth in front of the oil pipeline running through reservation land. I talked to her briefly and asked her if I could film her from a distance. After I filmed a bit, I thought that perhaps she would speak to the camera about her protest. She accepted and I asked her to walk from a distance towards the camera and give voice to her convictions. Unrehearsed, and in one take, she gave this soulful protest. As a warrior and protector, Tania Aubid, delivers a talk that puts her powerful perspective in our faces. Her words pull you into the perspective of the Indeginous people and imprint the injustice of what has been done to her people and the earth.

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